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Green travel and low carbon and environmental protection2012-11-20

In May 20, 2012 Kailai, riding club team riders were a green riding activity. The Kelema team in the green travel, low carbon environmental protection, recreation, fitness principle, organization planning Kelema 's second city riding activities, the activities in the morning of Sunday, players wear dress uniform, complete, original plan eight o'clock in the company gate out to Lake March, because of the weather was forced to cancel, the players are very disappointed, as the weather slowly turned around, members of the enthusiastic bujianfanzeng, afternoon once inform collection ready riding activities, some members in the family at the expense of activity time, notified immediately arrive company set. This riding route starting after Hing town street to Hu Chong Road, by Yongan Road, but just to the company soon, bad weather, and began to drizzle drizzle, the rest of us along the road for a short time after the rain stopped, players without a moment's delay, immediately set out to the North riding, along a coastal road have been riding, midway sometimes floated down the scattered light rain, but the players keep riding, one player hand injuries will continue to adhere to the ride, not as individuals do not affect the whole team team, we always ride to six coastal road, then to coastal beach besmear, after a rest, we went on to the East, to the Shenyang-Haikou highway connecting line, along the East 3rd Ring Rd, has been riding to horizontal line, finally returns to the company. In the middle of the beach that Haitian background, we took the message, to commemorate this special 520, in memory of our special riding experience, more memory of our team we team unity and unremittingly spirit.


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