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In 2012 China ( Shanghai ) International Bicycle Exhibition2012-11-20
My company in April 26th to 29 participated in a period of 4 days of China Bicycle Exhibition, this exhibition is to promote my company brand, along with our last year in export " NAYANG & CLAMBER " two brand display, in order to better improve our product and brand awareness, expand domestic and foreign markets, and promote corporate culture, enhance the company's influence. The exhibits mainly by domestic and export Bicycle tricycle is composed of two parts. Domestic car this year has been the new bike, improve our truckload quality and grades, during the exhibition but also by the United States and foreign customers attention and love, for export to the features and wooden cars, over a period of 4 days, the customer flow is due to the influence of international economic situation as before, but we export the car still attracted a large number of foreign customers, to our CARGO BIKE, features and kiddie car are very interested, with customers directly in the exhibition place an order, there are a lot of customers to negotiate very pleasant, leaving detailed contact, we show that immediately after the pricing, and to the company site visits after place an order; at the same time, this exhibition we also visited peer learning advanced technology and culture connotation, this exhibition to our all the exhibitors and the company's development has the very vital role.

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