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My company in early 5 in China Bicycle Exhibition2012-11-20
My company in May 4th to 7 participated in a period of 4 days of China Bicycle Exhibition, the exhibition to promote our brand, we used both inside and outside the pin two brands exhibited together to better enhance visibility, expand the domestic and international market, the same is to promote corporate culture, enhance the company's influence. The exhibits from the main export is composed of two parts, wherein the tricycle and electric cars mainly within the pin, for export to the features and wooden cars, during the exhibition, our export car attracted many foreign customers, for our products are of great interest, with customers directly in the exhibition place an order with us, there are back to the factory to visit the site after end of the exhibition place an order; domestic car the shortage. During the exhibition, we also visited peer learning advanced technology and cultural connotations of the development of our company have some help, in general this exhibition a lot, very successful.
 Diagram for participating as a collective
 Diagram for exhibition booth
 Map with a client

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